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Soul House

by Tim Weed

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Soul House 04:28
LYRICS: feel the beat, of your heart rhythm of your soul feel the pulse, pulse of life rhythm of your soul sola sanctum, sola sanctum terra sanctum, sola sanctum I’m gonna bust down all the walls around me I’m gonna bust down all of the walls I’m gonna bust down all of the walls that confine me bust ‘em down so that I can see so-la sanc-tum te-rra sanc-tum I’m gonna build a house for my soul I’m gonna build a house for my soul I’m gonna build a house with my hands in the clay build a house for my spirit to play ---
count your blessings every day and know that you have been blessed in a million ways thank heaven and the stars above for you wake up in the morning in the light of love count your blessings every way don’t take for granted anything that makes your day true, blessings don’t fall from the sky they grow from seeds of grace and love reaching for the light count your blessings grateful to be spared from all the hardship that could easily find you so many so less fortunate, it’s true you know it wouldn’t hurt to show a little gratitude count your blessings hear me say I’m just speaking for your heart, and it really wants to say whoa, thank you for this day I really do appreciate all the blessings comin’ my way count your blessings start today for things could change tomorrow in a million unseen ways thank heaven and the stars above there’s so much to be thankful for when we can feel the love
‘twas there we met under the banyan tree like yesterday I can feel your cool shade soothe my body oh woah mmmm we fell in love under the banyan tree your loving arms embrace me you hold me swaying in your breeze oh whoa mmmm we made our vows under the banyan tree we swore our hearts and souls to each if ever we do part right here, we’ll meet oh whoa mmmm when the south winds blow I’ll return to the sea we can rendez-vous under the banyan tree now I’ve grown old under the banyan tree though now you’re gone I still feel your warm breath on my skin oh whoa mmmm someday I’ll be gone too remember me we can rendez-vous under the banyan tree
LYRICS: I am the terrorist, I am the enemy till I can stop the war inside of me I’m not so different from you can’t you see we all want, we all want the same thing to all be free from suffering to all be free from pain love and peace and happiness will reign hold me yes and I will hold you too love me but first you must love you I’m going to lay my burden down it’s time to lay your burden down trust, your heart will show the way we can walk into a brighter day may we all be free from suffering may we all be free from pain love and peace and happiness will reign oh and love will reign yes and peace will reign love and peace and happiness will rain down and the rain will fall and the peace will reign oh love and peace and happiness will reign ---
aye mojinumba aye mojinumba aye mojinumba go benisamba mojinumba go benichickadé mojinumba go benisamba mojinumba go benisamba mojinumba ---
I'm movin' a mountain one rock at a time I'm-a carryin' the world upon my shoulders but I'm keepin' my faith and holdin' my head high I'm movin' a mountain before I die each mindful moment rock melts away I feel no weight upon my shoulders body in mind soon the truth I"ll see I'm movin' a mountain findin' me I'm movin' a mountain makin' a molehill just keep puttin' one foot in front of the other I'm risin' above fallin' to my knees I'm movin' a mountain soon I'll be free chorus I'm movin' a mountain chippin' away crushin' me this debt I must repay but what I'm mining's better than gold I'm movin' a mountain treasures untold chorus ---
Long Tom 05:50
LYRICS: daddy said, "ever find a still, turn around and run back over that hill sooner shoot than to look at you,” whoa the ol’ long tom deep in that dark swamp huntin’ squirrel and coon daddy’s words runnin’ through my head “careful what you do!’” “if you come upon a still, get back over that hill sooner shoot than to look at you get away, get away, get away” yonder come a clangin’ on the ol’ lead chain I could see from behind that tree long tom on his shoulder tuggin’ on his ol’ mule sled and still by two bootleggers here, revenuers there get away, get away, get away chorus boom goes up a still echoes through the hills boom, goes a lawman down whoa, the ol’ black powder there weren’t no bottle 'n bond just a deep dark swamp a brayin’ mule and a clangin’ chain and the ol’ long tom chorus ---
Homesick 04:03
pondering all my wandering over land and over sea for belonging's so demanding for a home, for my home searching, not forsaken 'lo the rocks, beneath the trees grows a flower, so demanding standing tall, standing so tall yearning for returning like a rock goin' down the road when it rolls no more, so demanding this is home, this is my home there's a train from every station there's a ship that's leaving port there's a bus from every roadstop there're my shoes walkin' out the door and there, somebody's dearly departed there's no place like homesick longing for belonging with each twist and every turn drawing nearer, so demanding is a home, my very home always yearning, for returning goin' home, back to my home ---
Near But Far 04:46
I reach for your skin but only find a drum to beat out this lonely dance of my heart I sing through the night hoping that you’ll hear the lonely melody of my heart oh, I’m not doing well in this body of mine i wake to find you’ve gone my worst fear here you are near but far I hunt for your heart but cannot find the key to unravel this mystery I’m searching for a magical pen to write the words a heart cannot say oh, I’m not doing well, in this story I tell that I’m not good enough no, I’m not doing well, in this heart of mine I wake to find you’ve gone here you are my worst fear near but far but near ---


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Soul House is a body of original music that reflects my musical history, personal journey, and world travels. I feel truly blessed to finally present this collection of my most heartfelt vocal music - music from the house of my soul.

My deepest gratitude and love to all of the musicians, technicians, artists, creative talents and friends who have contributed to this project. Wishing you all love and peace and happiness.

This CD is a reality due in large part to the generosity and support of these kind individuals:

Marion Weber, Sue Mullen & Oscar Davis, Larry Lashbrook, Sharon & Jerry Heikkinen, Phil Lipman, Rob Paulus & Randi Dorman, Tonee Norman, Kathy Maxwell, Sam McCullagh & Cindy Testa McCullagh, Bonnie Brock, Dennis & Sevren Coon, Judy Knox & Matts Myhrman, Sundog, Robert Steinberg, and Derek Roff. Special thanks to Gallery Route One for providing fiscal sponsorship, and to Pete Fust for his devoted friendship and generous support.

Dedicated to my Mom

Special Thanks:
Mom & Dad & Family, Tucker & Anza, Jim Monroe, Ken Orsow, Michael Tavera, Jeff Harvey, Andrew Boettner, Patrick Brayer, Richard Stekol, Jim Burlile, Mark Ettel, Alan Sides, Jimmie Haskell, Robert S. Kaufman, Ralph Liddle, Joel Ferguson, Jim McQuade & Vicki Darrow, BJ Snell, Ronnie McQueen, Janine Bjornson, Dr. Bill Roley, W. Scott Henry, Chris Prelitz, Edward Brancard, Dennis & Sevren Coon, Tess Cartwright, Mike Lennon, Deborah Sabol, Rob Paulus & Randi Dorman, Mark Robertson-Tessi, Dana Rath, David Grisman, Yeon Brewer, Catherine Wanek, The Folk Shop, Robert LaPorte, Todd Pickering & Cindy Davis, Tobias Roberson & Kusuma Rose, John Rosenberg, Paul Carman, and Fariba Bogzaran. Thanks also to Randy (RC) Snoddy for the colorful stories that inspired Long Tom and Movin’ a Mountain.

Counting my blessings for Debbie Daly and her tireless love and support, throughout and including the dimmest periods.

I would also like to thank the following people for their generosity in loaning/providing recording equipment and instruments: Phil Lipman, Michael Harmon, Gene Finley, Ethan Kenning, Jim Monroe, David Thorup, Brother John Hanson, Dennis Coon, Jim from Burlile Banjos, Joe Cohen from PranaWire, Corey Goodman, the Zaleski family, Tom Cuevas, and Harvey Moltz.

Also, thank you to Bruce of Sexauer Guitars, John Jennings of Royer Labs and Mojave Audio, Frank Oglethorpe of Prism Sound, Rob Turner of EMG Pickups, Bryce Boynton of DPA Microphones, and Magic Dave Roberts of MOTU.


released October 15, 2013

Recorded by Jeff Rodenkirch, Stephen Hart, and Tim Weed
Mixed and Mastered by Stephen Hart
Executive Producer: Debbie Daly
Production Assistance: Jeff Rodenkirch, Mark Robertson-Tessi
Executive Producer at Undisclosed Location Studio: Phil Lipman

Recorded at:
- Undisclosed Location Studio. Recorded by Jeff Rodenkirch and Tim Weed.
- Treat Street Studio, Seneca Studios, Cypress Grove Recording, Cricket Cottage Music Studio. Recorded by Tim Weed.
- Location Recording Engineers: Michael Orsow, Jerry Lunsford, Tim Weed
- Drake’s Manor Studio. Recorded by Tim Weed, Mark Robertson-Tessi and Debbie Daly.
- 25th Street Recording, Oakland, CA. Recording Engineer: Stephen Hart, Assisted by Scott Bergstrom.

Digital editing and post-production: Tim Weed, Mark Robertson-Tessi
Mixing Engineer: Stephen Hart at 25th Street Recording, Oakland, CA
Assisted by: Scott Bergstrom and John Smart
Mastering Engineer: Stephen Hart at mixroom LLC

- Photography by Todd Pickering
- Design by Debbie Daly & Todd Pickering
- Hand lettering: Erin O'Reilly

Special dedication to the spirits of:
Ralph Liddle, Larry Brown, Travis Edmonson, Bonnie Brock and Judy Knox


all rights reserved



Tim Weed San Francisco, California

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